by Ire Wolves

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drewmusic2113 Holy fuck this album is incredible, and the fact that it's NYP defies all logic as every play-through makes me want to buy the album on vinyl a million times. Stop wasting time reading praise and download it already. Favorite track: The One You Feed.
buffuku thumbnail
buffuku reminds me of good post metal from around 2010.
True <3 never dies.
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Sammywo Ire Wolves performs as Ire Wolves
Karen McTavish
Karen McTavish thumbnail
Karen McTavish "Heirs" was is a beautifully mixed album by the Weight Room.
My favorite tracks were The Giver, Sleep Bringer, Burial and Nothing Left. This album is intimate, layered and vulnerable. It will take you into terror, social anxiety, the struggle of keeping loved ones close while dealing with suffering and loss. Of course the album starts with the sound of a heartbeat and ends with the sound of a life being cut short.

Powerlessness, no sexy confessional lyrics - this album is meant to be "felt". Anti-religion, German holocaust survivors?, Standing Rock?, Poverty, suffering, politics - you are witnessing it all with little ability to process the events- the hills & valleys of vocal expression - it feels...comforting.

The vocals ranges are growing stronger with each album with new textures and relief. Clean mixed with a bunch of dirty gravel. Powerful.

Likely a celebration of life where no life should grow.
Sleep Bringer could be a film score with the insane white noise of constant thoughts. Burial also gives a peek into the un-quiet mind, the chaotic mind. Clean acoustic guitars after a 2 minute moment of silence on the Burial Track is Ire Wolves forcing you to look inward. Bastards.

This album takes risks and sound much bigger than a 3 piece. Nothing Left shows new vocal ranges that the band has completely mastered. The intention of the work is clearly expressed and "felt". It felt like a painting.
Old Man Doom
Old Man Doom thumbnail
Old Man Doom If ya ever been to Minnesota or farther north than Virginia than you know how cold it gets. To stay warm you need alcohol to help. Lots of it. After months of that frigid shit you start feeling you live in a frozen hell. These whiskey drinking motherfuckers have taken that desolation and in a bid to stay warm have laid out some great riffs to try and escape hoping that somehow either the Winter will cease it's attack or they make enough dough to move further South. Good luck ya bastards. Favorite track: Boned Marrow.
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bobrobertsonson Great post-metal from the northlands of Minnesota.
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released March 24, 2017

Ire Wolves is:
Mike Trepanier - Guitars, vocals
Dustin Fennessey - Bass, vocals
Tim Simmons - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Ryan Rusch at the Weight Room
Mastered by Dave Hill
Art by Ryan Lemahieu
Design by Andrew Notsch

All songs written by Trepanier, Fennessey, and Simmons
All lyrics written by Trepanier and Fennessey



all rights reserved


Ire Wolves Duluth, Minnesota

Based in the frigid north of Duluth, MN - Ire Wolves is a band that was started by 3 musicians that were at the end of their previous music projects. Formed in 2011 (originally under the name Soma), the trio realized an immediate creative chemistry and began forming their sound. Having recently recorded their first album in the spring of 2014, the group looks to a busy 2014 and beyond. ... more

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Track Name: The One You Feed
Death is all I ever had

He born and wrought
Fleeced the hell out
When demons called
You heeded on

This is what you gave
This is what’s attained
Visions that you seek
The one you feed

So this is death
A loveless debt
Before I seen
Before I knew

This is what you gave
This is what’s attained
Visions that you seek
The one you feed

I’m born of no god
Visions held me all along
We’re born of no god
Visions kept us holding on

May you never welter as do we
You lay dead in her, not in me
Track Name: Boned Marrow
Boned marrow
Soul hallowed
Hate remains hate

Old blood we have known
Spilled on the table for all our worth
Tolled marrow of ours
Such is the recourse for deserts in hearts

Hallowed worth is living proof we’ve lost our way
Souls unsearched, there’s no finding you through this weight

I served
You earned
Every single day

Now there’s nothing left
Lest we forget our lust for wandering the emptiness of us
It keeps calling you; the silence deafens.
You heed to everything as your love burns
Track Name: The Giver
Learner of love
Giver of all
Silence in us all – seething
Blood lies in us all – calling

Learner of love
Giver of all
Don’t assume a thing of us
Don’t assume a thing – just love

It’s too dark to see
The end of it all
She blends into me
Absorbing it all
It’s too dark to see
I am the fall
I’m one with the need
Burning them all
Track Name: Blood is Not Enough
We honor the earth
We honor the breath of our mother
With blood of the young and lives of unborn

These visions remain
Horizons of nothing to gather
So swallow the salt from deserts we’ve made

We’ll march on the plain
And build homes from skins of the dead
As ghosts of old years chase us away

The honor is ours
The honor of moving the rivers
And bearing the light on futures we’ll make

Blood is not enough
Our lineage will never run

She is our gift
Track Name: The Beguiling Serpent
Praise and raise the stray
Shape from visions made
Rake the hell aside
Veil of words unwilled

To have and to hold
As blood burns, so will I
Track Name: Heirs
Heirs of sudden winds we have made
Descendents of our mistakes
These sorrows I can’t erase
For arrows left in my wake

An earthless giver
Windswept inward

Days behind me
Death below me
Protect the soul
There is no sun

The light, it burns
Hell will descend sure as the sun will
The earth will swallow
Time will amend sure as our blood will
Track Name: Nothing Left
Nothing left but death
A distant debt
Their shadows; my bane
A disheartening sight still remains

It’s all the same fears
These demons mirrored
Their shadows; my bane
Just suffering

You followed me along the way
I suffered your name without your grace
You followed me along the way
Filicide without your knife

A life bereft of your vigilance, only ghosts
Dust and dunes have set upon your bones as you rest
It’s only getting worse and worse, this is true
I’ve grown addicted to the taste of this noose
It’s only getting worse and worse, this is true

Nothing is left

You followed me along the way
I suffered your name without your grace
You followed me along the way
Filicide without your knife
Track Name: Burial
Death is all I ever had